Internet and new technologies will dominate the 21rst century. The new generations will be people of the Internet and this new mass media will enter in every corner of the planet in the next decades, even into poor countries, because Internet became an excellent tool for development.

One of the new frontiers of Don Bosco is precisely this virtual world where thousands of young people and children are meeting every single minute from around the planet. There is not language barriers, no need of passport and every moment we need less money to invest in order to be inside the web.

As for our Salesians, we have several websites from many types: news agencies, official and institutional websites, thousands of pages of documents and files published on the Internet. All that is great and good and we need it. But we have little for the young as user. It is to say, we have all those documents and sites actually for the young as the ultimate goal of our presence on the Internet, following our principles and spirituality, but we are addressing leaders, teachers, Salesians... adults in general.

I dream with Salesian social networks for our young people from different nations. I dream with the Internet Salesians writing for the young. We need to create the Salesian Yard on the Internet where our young people come to share and find Don Bosco and Jesus.